Talking about Skincare: New Beauty Products for this Fall

Fall season carries always a lot of news, when it comes to beauty products, especially skincare ones. That summery healthy glow is nothing more than a memory. Now our skin is dull and lifeless, therefore we have to take remedial action with specific treatments. Among new beauty products for this Fall I selected the most interesting ones to fight against this season’s skin troubles.

Cleanse without Drying out

sarah_chapmanA creamy, gentle cleanser that doesn’t dry out skin. It is enriched with Vitamin C, Salicylic and Lactic Acids in order to purify the skin deeply, revitalize the complexion and renew the texture. The result is a more radiant and luminous complexion. €49

Why we love it: it contains a lot of active ingredients which really are effective on skin.

But beware: acids do a chemical exfoliation so don’t forget your daily sunscreen!

Flax Seed Oil: Old but Gold

discipline-frizz-control-block-sprayThis product is a life-saver during this cold season. You know, all that ugly frizz when there is a high humidity level. It contains a lot of almond butter and flax seed oil to guarantee a shining, anti-frizz action even at 90% of humidity for 72 hours. €20

Why we love it: the natural ingredients in it nourish and protect the hair.

But beware: avoid using too much product on the roots if you have oily hair.

Dream a little dream of Retinol

strivectinRetinol is your best friend if you have a dull skin with uneven texture. It is the most effective ingredient to fight fine lines, improve your skin texture, even out the skintone giving a great radiance and a polished look. By the way, Retinol is a highly photosensitive element which requires a lot of caution. However, the formula in this night treatment is revolutionary because it makes Retinol really safe and stable. €94.50

Why we love it: it is a safe product, thanks to NIA-114 complex the skin is well protected and the cellular renewal is still granted.

But beware: even if it safer than other Retinol based products, don’t forget a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor.

Dark Circles are Glam only during Halloween

facedeyeThis is a very interesting made in Italy brand. I’m talkin about FaceD 3-Luronics and this is an anti-aging eye cream that visibly reduces dark circles from the first applications, thanks to a special mix of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and peptides. €22.95

Why we love it: it really works fast!

But beware: miracles are still out of reach.


24 Hour Party People

diegodallapalma_timecontrolThis Fall, Diego Dalla Palma came out with limited edition skincare sets which are a really good deal. For example, with this anti-aging Time Control Kit you get the 24 Hours Anti-aging Cream, the Detoxing Cleanser Milk 100 ml and  the Resurfacing Toner Serum 100 ml at the price of the cream only. €39.90

Why we love it: hyaluronic acid stimulates the collagen’s production.

But beware: it is specific for mature skin, so it may be too heavy for younger skins.

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