I’m Isola Marras SS16

BEAUTY TALK: Backstage at I’m Isola Marras S/S 2016 Fashion Show

This I’m Isola Marras backstage takes us in a playful and cheerful land set under the sea. Just like the upcoming Disney’s The Little Mermaid live-action movie. Or, a synchronized swimming competition, if you prefer.

I do think that this beauty look is the most unique makeup seen during this Milan Fashion Week. Not only for these beautiful colourful eyes, but for the concept itself behind this look: these models are unique, seen as individuals. This is a totally uncommon thing when it comes to this kind of catwalks, where we always see a standard look for all the models.I'm Isola Marras SS16

This make-up has been created by MAC Cosmetics Senior Artist Michele Magnani. He pointed out how, thanks to Antonio Marras, make-up artists are free to express their creativity and to experiment new things. The idea of using all these colours comes from the longing for freedom which is well represented by the sea.I'm Isola Marras SS16

So, this I’m Isola Marras’ girl likes spending all day at the sea, swimming and diving. Her skin is shimmering thanks to the sea salt. The eyes are the main focus here: they are enhanced by a pop of primary colour depending on the models. So, cyan blue for dark hair, lemon yellow for brunettes and coral red for blondes, using MAC Pro Acrylic Paints.I'm Isola Marras SS16

The skin has a unique wet look created with the Eye Gloss in Lightly Taupe mixed with Clear Gloss. As for foundation, it has been used the new Studio Waterweight Foundation which has a water-based formula and a lightweight texture. This base make-up goes well with the hair styling where wet-look hair reflect the light in a beautiful way.I'm Isola Marras SS16

I'm Isola Marras SS16Nail art is by Antonio Sacripante for Morgan Taylor. He wanted to recall Hawaiian’s atmospheres and the surf world, so he painted in a meticulous way little hibiscus flowers on the pinkies and the thumbs. On the other nails he chose an aqua colour to evoke the sea, with a matte finish contrasting with the wet-look.


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