Asian beauty trends

5 Asian Beauty Trends that are blooming right now

It is well known that Asian countries, Japan and Korea above all, are the real avant-garde in the beauty world, both for researching in cosmetic industry and launching new beauty and makeup trends. Actually, all the latest trends that have recently bloomed in our beauty market have a clear Asian source. Some are already well settled and renowned while others are starting to explode right now and are going to be a huge topic for the next season.

BB, CC cream

missha bb cream

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

We are already accustomed to various BB and CC creams. They literally are everywhere since almost each brand has come out with its own BB and CC cream. To tell the truth all these Western brands cheated a bit since these are nothing more than old tinted moisturizers. Asian BB and CC creams are totally different in concept and result: they have a good coverage for imperfections and discolorations so they actually have a correcting effect, plus they are enriched with active ingredients and have a very high SPF.

Cushion makeup

Iope cushion

IOPE Air Cushion

Cushion makeup has been this year’s biggest trend . Everyone was talking about it. The first Western brand to launch this product in the beauty industry was Lancome, followed by Kiko Cosmetics. In Korea, every girl loves her cushion makeup. It is a sort of BB, CC cream, but it can also be a primer, a blush, a highlighter and so on, in a compact. The cushion, with a special texture, is soaked with the product. The result is just like any Asian girl loves: natural and dewy. The SPF is very high, usually from SPF40 to SPF50+.


Stella Jean SS16

Stella Jean SS16 backstage, makeup by Michele Magnani

We’ve been hearing about strobing non-stop from a couple of months. We’ve seen it everywhere during this fashion month and especially in various backstages at Milan Fashion Week’s. Strobing has officially replaced the Kardashian’s style contouring. Forget enhancing your cheekbones’ hollows with tons of contour powder, instead concentrate all the attention on highlighting. Beware to avoid any glitter if you don’t want to end up looking like a discoball.

Double Cleansing


Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

Let’s talk about skincare. Asian women are obsessed by it and they spend a lot of time for their beauty routine, hence the concept is the opposite from the Western way. Everything starts with the double cleansing technique. Basically, you have to clean your skin twice: with the step 1 you have to use an oil-based cleanser (a cleansing oil or balm) followed by step 2, a water-based gel or foaming cleanser. Your skin will be clean as ever, you’ll get rid of all the most stubborn impurities and your skin will be extra smooth.

Sheet Mask

Sulwhasoo sheet mask

Sulwhasoo Sheet Mask

We’ve started to see all those celebrities wearing sheet masks on their Instagram and now we are all obsessed with them. That special fabric is soaked with active ingredients and it will adapt to your face just like a custom facial. They’re extremely handy, practical, hygienic and even affordable. Think about a new face after a 15 minutes of total relax at home.

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