Septwolves presents in Milan the collection “Wolftotem”

The Chinese tradition and culture, expertly revisited with a modern twist by the creative estrus of the designer Colin Jiang, who, at the recent Milan Fashion Week, unveiled, in the historic Cloister of St. Barnaba, the Septwolves collection Spring-Summer 2017, called Wolftotem.

A collection distinguished by many of the iconic images of the Chinese population Yi, interpreted according to an innovative spirit: a black tiger, male symbol of happiness and success, jointly to other ancient totems as motifs, which evoke the greatness and magnificence of the past from a new point of view, which leaves the possibility to a new representational shape. This is the modern man of Septwolves, which wears daring clothes, like T-shirts with prints of Chinese dragons, phoenixes, bamboo and fire, and shorts, in a unique reinterpretation of luck totems.

A line of original garments, faithful to a very experienced cultural tradition, entirely handmade. Details to see and touch, with drip inserts and diamond shaped, woven hand-made, to embellish bomber and shirts.

Furthermore horn elements create sophisticated textures and shapes, in tribute to the tradition of the Yi culture and Chinese architecture.

Have been choosen very strong colors to surprise and attract in a special way, this is a clear identification and symbolic character: red, yellow, black and white, which alternate and blend harmoniously. Shades that light again on the images chosen by the brand, in addition to floral and bamboo designs, hand-woven, on cotton and other fine fabrics like silk.

Metal accessories, fringes and transparencies, for a look which outlines the future of a man with many-faceted personality, whose style is renewed, but nevertheless maintaining its strong cultural identity.

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