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BEAUTY TALK: Backstage at N°21 S/S 2016 Fashion Show

N°21 SS16Tom Pecheux is the MAC Cosmetics key artist at this N°21 backstage for Spring Summer 2016 collection.

He thought about an imaginary creature, lost somewhere in a timeless space. This woman translates a sweet, romantic look in a contemporary way. Therefore, the beauty look mixes up grunge elements with glam ones in order to create a sort of fairy look with a rock mood.

N°21 SS16Of course, the base make-up is totally flawless yet extremely natural, thanks to these new-generation foundations that provide a perfect skin look, still remaining weightless and transparent. After the application you can still see real skin. Then there are natural, rosy cheeks in a creamy cool pink shade, from the new Trend Forecast Lip Palette (available soon).

On the eyes you can see the grunge element comes out thanks to a new chubby eye pencil in a purple shade, used as eyeliner and then smudged to create a smokey effect. This product is still a prototype, as many others seen during these backstages, so we don’t know when it will be launched, how it will be called or even if it will be effectively launched for sure.N°21 SS16

After that, Tom Pecheux blended a cream lavender eyeshadow to enhance the messy look. Then the glam element: little dots of lavender glitters all around the eye in order to create a dreamly, almost teary look. As a final touch, tons of black mascara for super dramatic lashes.

N°21 SS16Lips are kept natural and warm toned, contrasting with the cool toned eye look. It has been chosen a matte peachy shade so the warm hues make a softer general look.

To complete this Disney princess (who is just returned from a wild night out) look, hair styling is a key element: the hair stylist Paul Hanlon created these long waves, extremely soft and natural, topped by a headband which, just like a tiara, wraps the hair with tons of rhinestones.

Think about Rapunzel who woke up in her make-up (Courtney Love docet).

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