Au Jour Le Jour SS16

BEAUTY TALK: backstage at Au Jour Le Jour S/S 2016 Fashion Show

Au Jour Le Jour SS16Au Jour Le Jour makes always funny and odd collections. For the next Spring/Summer 2016 there will be a collaboration with detergent Dash. Yes, it is really odd.

By the way, this is a great occasion for Nails & Beauty team to express their creativity and their love for colour. Paola Sacripante told us how they took inspiration from the collection’s theme of stains and detergent. They used a Morgan Taylor white nail polish to recall the detergent’s foam that drizzles over the colour. As base colours they chose a coral red, a paster lemon and a baby light blue. The base finish is matte and nails have a natural length.Au Jour Le Jour SS16

Hair by Paolo Soffiatti are kept really natural, just like when you get out the shower in a hurry and then your hair are dry at the roots and still wet on the lengths. Natural waves are a must for the next season.Au Jour Le Jour SS16

We also have a simple makeup look but with an interesting inspiration by Terry Barber, director of makeup artistry at MAC Cosmetics.

This look is a bit doll-like with a strong focus on the eyes that are extreme and exaggerated.

Au Jour Le Jour SS16The look itself is minimal yet with a high impact. He thought about a young girl who doesn’t take her makeup off after a party hard night out. She is so carefree to re-apply loads of mascara in the morning after. This look talks about freedom, youth and who lives life to the fullest. She enjoys her makeup and she uses it to express her personality, her mood and her individuality. This message speaks directly against that ‘Instagram trend’ where all those beauty gurus are obsessed by that super heavy makeup which completely alter their natural features. Terry Barber wants women to play with makeup freely and live your life cheerfully.

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