Romero Jennings Masterclass: think outside the box

MAC Cosmetics’ masterclasses are always an opportunity not to be missed since they give you the chance to meet the most talented makeup artists. Indeed, masterclass isn’t a technical lesson only, but it is also a talk about the concept of beauty and art itself. Personally, I’ve already had the honour to be able to attend incredible Francesca Tolot‘s and Michele Magnani‘s masterclasses. On 18th November I fulfilled another one of my lifetime dreams: meeting Romero Jennings at this Extreme Editorial Beauty masterclass.

Introduced by Michele Magnani and assisted by Roberta Betti, director of MAC makeup artistry and “social media king” Romero Jennings, created two extreme editorial beauty looks.Romero Jennings Masterclass These two looks are inspired by a futuristic alien, a “baby alien” as he stated. The first thing to keep in mind is that it is possible to create a beauty look without using any makeup product. Tools and raw materials are pretty endless. We have to expand our creativity’s boundaries, in order to be guided by our inspiration only, without any limit. You have to “think outside the box”. The focus in these looks is about using a silver foil and sequins to achieve a unique, extreme effect. It’s all about the framed eye look: brows for the first look and lashes for the second one.Romero Jennings Masterclass These incredible fake brows and fake eyelashes need an enormous amount of hours and work to be created. You can see how the handcrafted, manual work is as much important as art and creativity.

Now, let’s see the two looks in detail. Romero Jennings explained how he sees them as an entire song, not a single note, but how he conceived them as an full harmony.

Romero Jennings MasterclassPreparing the skin with skincare products in an essential step. For the first look, the new Waterweight Foundation has been applied with a tap, tap, tap motion. Then a little of Studio Finish Concealer applied with a soft brush to conceal little imperfections and dark circles. Eyelashes are curled with an eyelash curler and defined with two different mascaras. He also added a little bit of contouring: the motion wraps the cheeks creating a smile line. Lips are kept matte and natural with a Pro Longwear Liquid Lipstick (coming soon). These foiled fake brows are applied on a mesh mask and then glued onto natural brows. The final touch is the strobing technique: cheekbones are highlighted by a coloured Strobe Cream (coming soon) mixed with a multi-reflective pigment. The final frame-mask is silvery.Romero Jennings Masterclass

For the second look, eyelashes are painted with an acrylic paint. Lips are still matte, but in a deep colour. Base makeup is the same as above, as for highlighting he used a pigment mixture, creating a triangle between the outer corner of the eye and the cheekbone. This time the mask is black, for a super glamour effect.

Romero JenningsRomero Jennings is one of the most creative makeup artist in the world: a brilliant perfectionist whom biggest challenge is… knowing when to stop.

If you want to know more about Romero Jennings‘ art don’t miss the video-interview!



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