Laura Biagiotti, the Queen of Cashmere, died at the age of 73 years

Laura and Lavinia Biagiotti (Photo by Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images for Mamma Mia)

Another star of Italian fashion goes away. The Roman stylist Laura Biagiotti died at the age of 74, due to an heart attack that strucked her on May 24th in her home in Guidonia (Rome).The ambulance went immediately to the hospital, The doctors did many attempts to revive her, but they were not enough to save from the stroke that struck her.

Laura Biagiotti is one of the pillars of the international fashion system. The long career of the Roman stylist and her famous brand around the world began in the 1960s when, still very young, she decided to follow the footsteps of her mother Delia Soldaini Biagiotti, founder of an atelier in Via Salaria, Rome. The step towards a career full of successes and awards is short, thanks to important collaborations with world renowned designers such as Roberto Capucci and Rocco Barocco. Two important dates mark her professional career: 1966, when she presented her first collection for Schubert and 1972 when she finally saw the light the first line of the brand that made her famous all over the world.

Italian fashion lady, as well as a teacher of style and elegance, Laura Biagiotti was named the “Queen of Cashmere” by the New York Times, due to the use of this precious wool in almost all her dresses. Laura Biagiotti was a pioneer, as well as a record woman. She was in fact the first Italian designer to move to Beijing, to conquer in the 1980s an unknown China for the whole of Europe.
In 1995 she was still the first designer to cross the doors of a world not yet explored: the Moscow Grand Kremlin Theater, in the old Pcus home.

Laura Biagiotti, the Italian. Rather, the Roman. Her bond with the eternal city, most beloved by the most famous directors such as Fellini or actors such as Marcello Mastroianni, is impressed in a line of successful iconic perfumes. The collection Roma was born in 1972 and is still distributed in the best perfumeries.
Laura Biagiotti was able to keep up the name of a brand that remained family-run. From Delia Biagiotti to Laura, to go to Lavinia, her daughter, who has always supported, followed and that we are sure will continue in the long journey not a mere brand, but of a cultural reality to preserve, that the fashion world Will regret and from which, we hope, will be able to draw to create business ventures made of passion and know how to do, which distinguishes Italian fashion all over the world.

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