Independent and sensual, the Daizy Shely woman for Winter 2018

DAIZY SHELY collection F/W 2017-2018

Nowadays we often talk about women’s rights, but also about injustices against them; the young designer Daizy Shely created her collection thinking about a strong, independent woman, devoted to career, living an intense life, full of meetings and evening commitments.

She is a woman sure of her own body, that lives with its imperfections and above all able to joke with her sensuality.

Contrast and contradictions are the bases of the collection: lingerie items, as baby doll or lace dresses are matched with classic wool coats, blazers and men’s trousers, for the “business” woman, so busy in her day to choose her outfit, already in the morning, all the elements which will be useful in her day.

DAIZY SHELY collection F/W 2017-2018

The fabrics used range from silk, lace, marabu and lurex, stolen to the nightwear world, to classic wool whit chanel processing for the coats. The colors, the basic nuances are pastel pinks and nudes, with sparkling touches of yellow and violet.

Focal point of the collection is the corset, inspired by the corsets which Queen Elisabeth I used, that according to Israeli designer, it’s the item which makes every woman feminine, in worn over a dress either alone, as she presented it with the last exit of the show.

We can’t forget that the outfits were complemented by amazing shoes by Louboutin!

A cuorius and engaging show that you can discover with the video create by our team!

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