Dancer or botanist? It’s the ANTONIO MARRAS woman F/W 2017-18

ANTONIO MARRAS collection Fall/Winter 2017-2018

Great artists’ inspiration always born of great stories and the story, which told us Antonio Marras with his collection Fall/Winter 2017-18, is really a beautiful story. We talk about women, in particular  Pina Baush, German dancer and choreographer, and Eva Mameli, botanist and first woman to teach in Pavia University but best known for being Italo Calvinos’ mum.

Antonio Marras imagines a meeting between these two women, of different ages, different lives and  aspirations, to create within the collection,  contrasts and dissonances in shapes and fabbrics, as if a botanist could write to his brother “if I had not done botany I wanted to be a dancer.”

Tulle, flowing and light dresses are alternated with strict clothing, men’s cut dresses, embellished with macramè embroidery, chantilly lace and application with jewel and sequins.

ANTONIO MARRAS collection Fall/Winter 2017-2018

The colors, neutral and comfortable like black, charcoal, ecru and camel, are alternate to more garish shades like  garnet red, mimosa yellow or sage green, interrupted by floral prints and applications of all types and sizes.

The concept of contrast is accentuated by reconstructed outfits doing a mix, almost like a jigsaw puzzle, fabrics, colors and opposite structures, like pinstripes, big checks prints and Wales, cut, matched and stuk to taffetta, crepe or velvet.

Essential for the great success of the show was just the staging, in fact the models that walking, were joined by performers, friends and acquaintances of desiner, who made once again a memorable show, by Antonio Marras.

I suggest you to watch the video made by our team to be able to appreciate with your eyes the spectacle!



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